Our Institution

Sir Asutosh Mukherjee envisioned university, i.e., an Educational Institution to be “a great storehouse of learning a great bureau of standards, a workshop of knowledge, a great laboratory for training of men of though as well as men of action”. A grain Martin Luther judged, “The prosperity of country depends not on the abundance of its revenues, nor on the strength of its fortifications, nor of the beauty of its public buildings, but it consist in the number of its cultivated citizens, in its men of education, enlightment and character” keeping this in view KNMCE has set its mart to carry its student with a motto “Come to learn… Go to serve…” and has aimed to fulfill its mission and vision since its incorporation in 2015.


Kaji Najrul Minority College of Education

It’s a great pleasure to forward a message to all aspirant towards a bright career in teacher ship as a noble profession that KNMCE has come forward with a superior standard of teacher education program. On the very outset of its journey to the Principal of Excellence, the institute has laid open to all the students in D.El.Ed. course affiliated to West Bengal Board of Primary Education and approved by NCTE vide order no. ER-213.6(1).221/ERCAPP3430/D.El.Ed./2016/45866 as well as those in B.Ed. course affiliated to Vidyasagar University and approved by NCTE vide order no. ER-213.6(1).221/ERCAPP3431/B.Ed./2016/46092, a stone house of knowledge and activity based curriculum provided with the best possible infrastructure – crating academic environment organizing seminars, workshops and inoculating ethical values among young student teachers. A major criticism about the existing teacher training program are the concept like activity based training, team teaching instructional design, co-operative and collaborative training which requires demonstration and participatory approach of training are also taught through lecture method. We are very thankful to the members of the Governing Body, the Advisory Committee, the Managing Committee, the University Nominee, the West Bengal Board of Primary Education nominee and all those wishing and promising future of Kaji Najrul Minority College of Education.

From the Desk of the Principal

Kaji Najrul Minority College of Education

Most cordially, I invite inquisitive ears of all enlightened, wise, learned and eager learners to listen to the tale of a flourishing academy of ours – KNMCE. Just new in arrival KNMCE aims at fostering classy nourishment to all perusing teacher education training to set foot in arena of teacher ship as a career. My year of long experience as a teacher educator has made feel that real achievement of a trainee teacher depends on communicative skill, self-esteem, aptitude and motivation of learners, habit of intensive study, acceptance and caring for learners, positive classroom management, i.e. – time-on-task, effective use of instructional techniques, group discussion, peer learning, co-operative learning environment etc.
Beside the trainees of today are the teacher of tomorrow and they need to groomed with hard work, self-management, decision making, stress and conflict management and leadership so as to meet the standards of the 21st century to get the job of a teacher.
To embellish and empower the student teachers of the college. Governing Body, Academic Advisory Body and Management Body is set to provide support to them with specious Library cum Reading Room, fully fledged Science Laboratory, Language Laboratory, Art and Craft Laboratory, Music Laboratory, Games and Sports Laboratory, Psychology Laboratory, Indoor Games, huge playground surrounded by panoramic landscape for outdoor games like Volley Ball, Football, Kho-Kho, Athletics, smart room fitted with over Head Projector and Display Screen, Multipurpose Hall, airy Classroom and upcoming facilities like gymnasium, swimming channel, yoga and free Wi-Fi campus. The faculty of our college are always on the front to help the student teachers with most care and sympathy. Furthermore regular classes, Keen and Comprehensive Examination procedure and workshop will made them to go forward to serve as an ideal maker of the nation.
I hope that KNMCE will be blessed with the goodwill of all and the institute will march ahead in the light of the brave new world.